Feb/27/2006 Today the page broke the 1000 hits barrier. Your interest is highly appreciated, folks!
Thank you very much for making this happen and keep coming back =).
Feb/19/2006 What's in today? Some classics as well as brandnew stuff:
Street Fighter II (SFC)
Samurai Spirits 3 (NG)
Sonic Wings Special (Saturn)
Katamari Minna Daisukii Damashii (PS2)

Densha de Go! Pocket  Yamate Sen Hen (PSP)
Jet de Go! Pocket (PSP)
Red Alarm (VB)
Virtual Fishing (VB)
Virtual Pro Yakyû 95 (VB)
V-Tetris (VB)
Wow! Now that's a bunch of games, eh =).
Jan/24/2006 - recent software arrivals:
Wizard of The Immortal (MD)
Space Squash (VB)
  Finally I found the rare white GameGear, gotta get some fine games now! The Navbar now   features all the desired buttons - but not all the desired contents & links =(.  Well, time's money ...   as soon as I can find some time I'll finish the new sections.
Jan/23/2006 - It's been a Nintendo weekend. After the Gamecube now also the VirtualBoy as well as the   GameBoy have their own Halls.
Jan/21/2006 - The GameCube section is completely online, be sure to check the Q =).
Jan/18/2006 - As you can see I applied some modifications to the overall layout. I reckon this makes it more   convenient to browse through the contents. But as every day has only 24h there wasn't much time   for updates in the Museum - the only additions this time are the NGP/C and the N64. More to come   in the next updates, as well as the long promised Photo Gallery.
Jan/15/2006 - Additions here and there and the Sega Saturn section finally open. Several showrooms will be   completed within the next updates, I'll keep you folks out there posted.
Jan/10/2006 - The Dreamcast section means a lot of work but for now it's at least partially online.
  The official banner of www.Ataristoteles.com is now ready - so if you feel like linking to my   pages, please go ahead and find the banner at the bottom of the Links section.
Jan/06/2006 - New Year, new category: Finally, finally, finally I have a Links section up and running.
  If you like to see your banner there, just email me!
Dec/28/2005 - lots of additions and a new section this time: be sure to check the NeoGeo Hall,
  SuperFamicom hardware and MegaDrive hardware additions.
Dec/26/2005 - today I started with the Microsoft section, most XBox and XBox360 stuff is now up.
Dec/24/2005 Merry Christmas - Joyeux noel !!!
- the first Sony products make their way to the page: PSP and PS2 sections are online and as a
   premiere, you can find the first hardware and LE items in these sections.
Nov/20/2005 - some new sections made it to the NavBar:
Photo Gallery  - will be open soon, logins on request)
For Sale  - was Auctions before. From time to time you will find some offers here besides eBay.
Contact Me  - quite self explanatory =).
Nov/16/2005 - made up my mind: PC Engine software comes first.
Nov/15/2005 - the MegaDrive software collection is at last completely online. Saturn will be next ...
  presumably ...
Nov/14/2005 - new MegaDrive games arrived:
General Chaos
LHX Attack Chopper
Panorama Cotton
Rainbow Islands
Splatterhouse 2
Nov/12/2005 - Navigation in Museum pages is now available
- check out my japanese Super Famicom games!
Nov/02/2005 - added the History section
- my japanese MegaDrive software collection got online
Nov/01/2005 - the basic structural work is now done -> official launch of my homepage   =).